Private Luxury Villa Casa Guillermo

Primarily, my recent visit to Puerto Vallarta had me searching out new options for couples wanting unique, private and beach-worthy locations for their destination wedding. Furthermore, my visit to Private Luxury Villa Casa Guillermo was a genuine delight.  Importantly, only minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta, it offers complete privacy, exquisitely appointed rooms, breathtaking views perfect for a truly spectacular and memorable destination wedding or reception. So, ask us how we can create your dream wedding here! Additionally, wedding pictures courtesy of Mishka Designs


 Casa Guillermo, 12 bedroom Villa
Firstly, private twelve bedroom Villa on an exclusive beach, minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta

The Living Space

Private Luxury Villa Casa Guillermo
Consequently, breathtaking views and complete with Wi-Fi, an extensive entertainment system and much more.


 Luxurious and authentic Mexican feel
Moreover, luxurious and authentic modern Mexican ambiance surrounds the inside and outside of this stunning living room area.

The View

Kidney pool overlooking banderas bay
Notably, enjoy some relaxing pre-wedding time in this relaxing infinity pool overlooking the magnificent view of Banderas Bay.

Private Chef

 state of the art kitchen at Casa Guillermo
Furthermore, enjoy an intimate dinner as Private Luxury Villa Casa Guillermo has a state of the art kitchen for all your wedding needs complete with Chef!


 Deck has an open bar with great views
Beautifully, the views from this deck that boasts a large bar for drink & snack service.


The dining room offers great dinner options
Also, the dining area is perfect for entertaining smaller groups or an intimate family dinner.

The Rooms

 12 rooms that are tastefully decorated.
Additionally, all 12 rooms are tastefully and uniquely decorated will have you waking up to the sound of gentle ocean waves.


mishkadesigns are great planners in the area
Notably, your dream private reception can be created the way you like. Thusly, I highly recommend Mishka designs as seen here.


 exclusive beachfront for private ceremony
Moreover, Private Luxury Villa Casa Guillermo offers the opportunity to have your wedding ceremony on their exclusive beachfront.

The Sunset

Sunset by the pool at Casa Guillermo
Consequently, sunsets are gorgeous in Puerto Vallarta, and Casa Guillermo is no exception!

The Beach

spectactular view at sunset here
Finally, what a spectacular view enjoyed by all in your wedding reception when you book at Casa Guillermo Puerto Vallarta.

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